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Emiaj Publishing has the spirit of EXCELLENCE when it comes to publishing your vision and turning it into a profitable masterpiece. Our experienced editors, layout artists, graphic designers and branding experts have the tools and skills to transform your manuscript into a professionally printed hard-copy book, reader-friendly eBook and audio version.

Our Services


There are various types of editing which include, developmental editing, substantive editing, copy/line editing and proof reading) and depending on the nature of your writing and overall goals for your book, would depend on the editing services you will need. Click HERE for a complete list and description of editing services.

Cover Design

Your cover design serves as the packaging for your book. It has to sell the book before it is read. We will need a synopsis of your book and the first two chapters to give our graphic design team your vision for the book cover. We will work closely with you to create a concept and final cover design.

Interior Layout Design

Once the copy edit is complete and the manuscript is final, layout team begins to design the book’s interior. Once complete, an Ebook and audio version (if applicable) is created or recorded.


After the interior layout process, a proofreader compares the text to the editor’s version to ensure that all of the desired changes were made. During this stage only dramatic changes will be made and may or may not be at the author’s expense. Emiaj Publishing reserves the right to impose additional fees for edits.

Branding, Marketing & Public Relations

Our team of marketing, branding and PR experts are on standby to ensure that the public is aware of the work that you have created using social media, press releases, book trailers and assists in creating web copy. You will have to provide us with a listing of the mediums you wish to market and promote to and we will do the rest.

*For specialized services, please send your request via email to:


Book Writing Coaching & Training

If you are an aspired author, we provide book writing coaching to assist and empower you to become masterful when expressing your thoughts into words. Our Ignite the Writer in You® coaching program helps you to:
  • Create an outline for your book
  • Overcome creative block (also known as writer’s block)
  • Establish realistic schedule to write
  • Set defined goals for your book launch
  • Create a brand from your book
  • Get endorsements
  • Generate a social media buzz for your book
  • Get your book published
  • Leverage your book into multiple income opportunities


Publishing Packages

    • Basic Book Package

      -ISBN/Bar Code -Book Cover Design -Manuscript Editing & Layout -Paperback & Ebook Publishing
    • Book & Branding Package

      -Basic Book Publishing -Social Media Branding (2 mediums of your choice) -Marketing Materials (business cards/flyer/poster/postcard)
    • Book, Branding & PR

      -Book & Branding Package -Book Trailer -Book Trailer -Press Release -Audio version of your book OR choose an additional social media site -5 Page website design -Book distribution set-up

Master, Market & Monetize Your Manuscript

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