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June 12, 2016

5:16 pm

EVERYONE HAS A STORY…AND 5 Reasons You Should Tell Yours Now!

So, today as I was watching the news regarding the Orlando shootings and at the same time, watching my Facebook news feed, I couldn’t stomach the reports and comments that were being made. There were some who were sad. Many were angry. Others were just speechless, and just advising everyone to pray. But, there were a group of people who were actually, “happy” that this incident occurred because of the population of people that were involved. In case you were not paying attention, the victims were a part of the LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. So, this makes it okay for someone to play God and to take their lives? I THINK NOT!

As I was pondering how those victims will never again be able to speak for themselves, I couldn’t help wondering, how many of you, who are still alive and breathing, will never tell your story. I have heard countless women say, I want to write a book, but yet, they never do.

I am sure we will learn more about the shooter and even more about the victims. They all have stories, even in their tragic death, as well, as the young man who decided to end their lives. Sadly enough, they will not live to tell their stories. We will only hear of them through their families, friends the media and of course Facebook. Which brings me to this….EVERYONE HAS A STORY, including you. My question is, would you rather someone else tell it?

Here are 5 Reasons you should tell your story….NOW!

1) Life is too short
2) You will be able to bless someone else
3) Writing is very therapeutic
4) There is someone going through what you have been through or are going through
5) You don’t want someone else telling YOUR story for you

Don’t let your story go untold, or better yet, don’t allow someone else to tell your story. SIGN UP TODAY for my “IGNITE THE WRITER IN YOU” 30 Minute Strategy Session!

Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen and you live in regret that YOU didn’t tell your story, your way!

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