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Why Emiaj Publishing?

We are so glad you asked… Emiaj Publishing is a heart-centered publishing company, where we not only care about your work, we care about you. We are truly committed to ensuring that as an aspiring writer and author, you have the guidance, support, tools and resources you need to write, publish and market your book. Our team understands that with the growing self-publication market, there is an increased need to create products and services that are unique to our clients. We pride ourselves in getting to know each client individually and tailoring a program and/or product that is designed especially with your needs in mind and guaranteed satisfaction. Don’t know exactly what you want? No Problem, our team is here to help!

Dreams do come true...

Our founder, Jaime L. Washington, also known as “Coach Jaime,” had a dream of becoming an author and owning her own publishing company. While she has always had a love for writing, she didn’t rekindle that love until in her late forties. Jaime wrote and self-published her first book, Give It Up, Turn It Loose: A Woman’s Journey from Dominion to Deliverance. Prior to her releasing her book, her mother passed away and Jaime found herself broken. It was after her mother passed away, that she was given the vision for her first collaboration with sixteen other women, Chronicles of a Walk with Christ. Jaime soon became a sought after book writing coach and taught several writing seminars to help other women realize their dream of becoming an author. In 2015, she released her second collaboration, When Sisters Pray: Standing in God’s Anointed Purpose. While this collaboration started three years ago, it finally was released in October 2015. Her dream to have her own publishing company, became even more clear after seeing her first grandchild for the very first time. She was determined that she would leave a legacy for her to one day assume after she is gone. Being inspired by her love for writing, helping others to write, desiring to leave a legacy for her granddaughter and the love, support and encouragement of her husband, Jaime soon began to realize that her gift would make room for her. Emiaj Publishing was birthed.  

We stand on our faith...

Emiaj Publishing is a brand of Emiaj Enterprises, LLC. Our team contributes their passions, talents, skills and expertise to shine the light on the creative work of our clients through great writing that ignites the reader, impacts their communities and inspires the world.

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Master, Market & Monetize Your Manuscript

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